5 Reasons to Hire Professional Piano Moving Company in NYC

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Moving is an expensive and time consuming task. To reduce the costs of moving, people will often try doing it themselves rather than hire professional movers. While you can move most household items safely with the help of friends and family, some items should only be moved by a professional moving company. Pianos should be moved by expert movers who have the experience and knowledge to transport bigger items. There are several reasons why it is better to hire a professional to move your piano.

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Reduce Risk of Injury

Pianos are oddly shaped, heavy instruments that are difficult to move. On average, pianos weigh between 450 lbs to over 1,300 lbs. Moving the instrument by yourself can increase your risk of injury. The most common injuries people sustain when moving pianos include:

• Back injuries
• Muscle strain
• Sprained ankles
• Knee injuries
• Broken fingers and toes
• Wrist and arm injuries
• Cuts and scrapes

Professional movers have the experience and equipment to safely lift and transport all types of household items, including heavy pianos.

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Reduce Risk of Damaging Your Home

Pianos are big instruments that make them difficult to get through most doorways, around corners, up stairs, into elevators and through other areas of the home. Trying to maneuver the instrument out of your house can cause damage to your walls, doorways, floors, and stairways if you are not careful. Rather than face expensive repair bills, it is more cost effective to hire professionals to move your piano.

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Reduce Risk of Damaging Your Piano

Pianos are big, heavy, yet delicate instruments that require special care when moving to avoid damage. Your instrument can easily get damaged during a move, if they are dropped, bumped into walls or other objects, dragged across floors, banged by other objects, or jostled around in the moving truck if they are not secured properly. Repairing a piano can be very costly, depending on the severity of the damage.

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Saves Time

Having someone else take care of moving the bigger items like your piano will save you a lot of time during your move. Moving a piano takes a lot of time and planning, especially if you have never moved one before. There are a lot of things to consider and prepare for before moving the instrument. Professional movers have the experience and knowledge of moving big items from different locations. They know what to expect and can quickly assess the area to plan how to move the piano more efficiently.

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Save Money

Most movers charge between $100.00 to $1,000.00 to move a piano. It is much more cost effective to hire an experienced, insured professional moving company rather than risk unexpected expenses if the piano or building get damaged while you try moving the instrument yourself.

Pianos are expensive instruments that require special care when moving. It is safer and more cost effective to hire a professional moving company to move your piano rather than attempt to move it yourself.

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