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How to choose a local piano moving company

This article is about piano moving services and not about emotionally moving piano concertos.

Choosing a local piano moving company can be a daunting task. Especially when your piano is worth a lot of money. Thus, placing your piano in safe handling is extremely important. So how do you choose the best piano moving company for the task?

Pianoland Piano Movers

Word Of Mouth

Does anyone you know has a piano? if so, see if they had been moving it with a professional piano moving company over the years. And if that is the case, then ask them about their experience.

Word of mouth is the most effective way of getting customers, because people talk and share their experiences. Thus, having a friend or a family member say a good thing about their experience would likely generate similar results. However if it has been a while back when they used a piano moving service, it is important to double check their resources.

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Piano Moving Costs

So every transaction always comes down to price. A price can be also a good indicator for the quality of work. Higher prices can be a reason to better service (in many cases). And having a grand piano move from one part of the city to another, properly, can be a determining factor to whether your piano will ever play again. Thus, pay a higher price for likely hood of getting a better service. Don’t settle for the cheapest price in NYC. Settle for the best price, and premium if anything, for getting your piano moved without any damage.

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Piano Moving Company Reviews

Times Have Changed

In many times ownership change, one owner was more supportive than the new one. And in many cases, staff also changes. Your contact’s piano mover was a young and strong man, courteous too, and he was helping with the move. Thus, he was the one who they referred to as outstanding service. So it’s important to double check when the move happened for your word of mouth contact. And if it has been a while back, then it brings us to the next point – reviews.

People YELP! all over the internet. Usually they complain about a service or two. Or had some sort of dissatisfaction with a product. Thus, the internet is a great resource for searching up a piano moving company. Whether someone said that Piano Moving Company “A” is the company to go or Piano Moving Company “B”, the internet is a great resource for seeing what people say about Piano Moving Company “A” vs “B”.

Google Reviews, YELP!, Yellow Pages, or any other piano moving company profiles are a good way to begin. So search up their name such as “Pianoland” or “Pianoland Movers” to see what customers say about their service.

Read up further on how they responded to “negative” customer reviews. Did they respond with a positive intent or a negative intent? Are their suing their customers for negative feedback? That could be the case. Or maybe they responded with a “Thank you for your feedback, we will improve our piano moving service”

Piano moving reviews is a great way to get a summary about a company. So give it a try.

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Read up Piano Moving Tips

So we all do research right? well we should. Having the basic knowledge for moving a piano can be a reason to choose the right piano movers or the wrong one. For example, if you read up about tips for moving a piano, by a reputable website or a company, and you have some knowledge about the process, you can easily ask your piano mover if that’s the case with them.

A lot of piano moving companies will tell you; Well, are you the professional or we are? or, “why don’t you move your piano yourself, if you know it all”. And maybe you should… at the very least contact someone else, or read up their answers.

To many things short, it is important to have a bit of knowledge about proper ways to moving a piano. It will help you understanding what you are being changed for, and also help you qualify your piano moving company.

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